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SA to RM speaks on missiles in Zee News at 2130 hrs on 03/09/2011

  DRDO & ICAR enter memorandum of agreement for storage of Germplasm at DRDO facility at Chang La
  Dr Prahlada takes over as Vice Chancellor of Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), Pune
  'PRAHAAR'- New surface to surface tactical missile successfully launched
  1st SA to RM and DRDO Chief honoured with commemorative postage stamp
  DRDO Press-release: Raksha Mantri inaugurates DRDO's STATE-OF-THE-ART composite propellent processing Facility - ACEM
  DRDO Press-release: Handing Over of Integrated Shelters by DrVK Saraswat
  DRDO Press Release-Successful launch of PRITHVI (P-II) missile (09 June, 2011)
  Message by Governor of Chhatisgarh
  DIHAR Realm of Research (Source: Sainik Samachar)
  Soldiers Scientist (Source: Sainik Samachar)
  Interview of Dr K Sekhar CC R&D, MS & LIC (Source: Defence and Security Alert, July 2010)
  Missile for Missile,(The Week 13 June 2010)
  DRDO: Trimming the Fat (Source: India Today, 07 June 2010)
  The future is ours (Source:The Week, December 27 (Vol I), 2009)
  Faster than Lightning (Source:Swagat, December, 2009)
  Of men and minds (Source:Frontline, November, 2009)
  Breaking new ground (Source:Frontline, November, 2009)
  Range of radars (Source: Frontline,December 18, 2009)
  Nerve Centre (Source: Frontline, December 18, 2009)
  DRDO takes a look.......FUCETECH 2009 (Source:Asia defence News, 15 Dec, 2009)     
  "Course on Image Building and Effective Mass Communication"(Map IIMC)
  India’s Missile Programme: Augmenting Firepower (India Strategic, Vol 4, Issue 10, Oct '09)
  Powerhouse of Technology (Frontline 25 Sept 2009)
  Press Release for First Arjun Regiment
  Arjun joins Army (Source: Alive, July 2009)
  Arjun Arrives (Source:Salute, 13 June 2009)
  DRDO Antenna Test Range Facility (Source: India Strategic, April 2009)
  Towards a Hypersonic Avatar of BrahMos (Source: India Strategic, April 2009)
  Missile Shield (Source: Frontline, Feb 13, 2009)
  In Defence of the Golden Compass
  India Test fires new Supersonic Missile
  DRDO's Golden Jubilee Mantra
  Indigenous sonar developments
  Berry Happy (Source: The Week,28 December 2008)
  Men Behind machine (Source: Namaskar, December 2008)
  DRDO contributions in Armament Technology (Source: Swagat, December 2008)
  Nation First (Source: The Week, 30 November 2008)
  Chasing Excellence (Source: Frontline, October 26, 2008)
  Missile Success (Source: Frontline, January 02, 2009)
  DRDO Securing our Present & Future (Source: Outlook, November 03, 2008)
  International Symposium on Material and Processing at IIT Delhi
  DRDO’s Golden Jubilee Symposium  On Technologies  and  Systems during 23rd – 24th  October 2008
  Agni man on way to glacier's icy height
  Capacity Building in Science and Technology : A Perspective from the DRDO
  PINAKA : THE DIVINE BOW  Multi Barrel Rocket Launching System
  Enhancing Life
  Wonderful Range
  Arming India
  REVA Fuel Cell Vehicle
  Solid Rocket Propellant Technology in India
  Flying High with Parachutes
  Akash for IAF
  Vayu's Exclusive Interview with Heads of DRDO (Source : Frontier of Technologies  II/2008)
   Bomb slayers of the futures
  Interview with Dr W Selvamurthy CC R&D (LS & HR) & DS and Program on NBC Defence in Kalai Malar on Jaya TV on Monday the 15 Sep '08 during 0730 hrs to 0805 hrs.
  Lifetime Achievement Award
  Defence  Arjun Tanks  :  All dressed up ... ( Source : India Today  September 15, 2008)
  International Conference on Novel Approaches for Food and HealthSecurity in High Altitudes September 6-10, 2008
  Augmenting Capabilities Unmanning the Sky : ADE  (Source : South Asia Defence & Strategic Review, Vol. 2 Issue 3 May-June 2008.)
  Important News Clippings
  Must Watch : "The Inside Story" in Zee News TV Channel on 02 August 2008 at 2130 hrs. The feature will include interview of Dr W Selvamurthy, CC R&D (LS & HR) & DS and also cover the development of LCA-Tejas and MBT-Arjun
  NSA 2008 - Workshop on Ouieter Technologies, 22-24 Dec 2008
  I am confident that the new engine will satisfy the IAF and they will release the order for more number of Aircrafts beyond 40.   (Source  : Force  Magazine vol 5 no 11 July 08 )
  CC R&D (LS & HR) & DS, Dr. W Selvamurthy's Discussion highlighting DRDO Contribution in Agro-Technology at High Altitude in the program AAP KI BHAITHAK on 12-07-2008 at 7:30 pm will be telecasted on DD National.
  The Indian Scenario - NPOL and Sonar.
  FRL Name Changed to DIHAR
  Successful Flights Test of NISHANT UAV
  PRITHVI-II Successfully Launched
  Dr(Smt) Chitra Rajagopal Interviews in the Special Program on DRDO, "Sainikon ki aur se" on Medium Wave 450.5 Mtr Band, 666 KHz, Short Wave 61.75 Mtr Band, 107.1 MHz, All India Radio and Delhi 'B' (Rajdhani Channel) at 1815 hrs on 21 May (Wednesday)
  Dr. W Selvamurthy's Discussion in the program AAP KI BHAITHAK on 04-04-08 at 6:00 pm will be telecasted on  DD-I.
  Dr G Ilavazhagan, Director DIPAS : Interview in  the program Kalai Malar on Jaya TV on 03-04-08 at 07:30 Hrs
  DRDO Golden Jubilee Year 2008

DRDO Developed Combat Engineering Equipment enters with Indian Army

  DRDO News on the Air Show
  Dr. Prahlada, Chiefe Controller R&D (SI) and DS Interview (Source: The Week, Feb 17 2008)
  DRDO Golden Saga of Success (Source: Aeromag, Asia: Feb 2008)
  Sir C.V. Raman Birth Centenary Award for Shri M Natarajan, Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri
  Symposium on "Advanced MR Applications" and 14th National Magnetic Resonance Society Meeting
  Akash Air Defence Weapon System
  Launching of DRDO Golden Jubilee Year 2008
  SA to RM's Speech on Golden Jubilee
  Honorable Presindent of India Visit

Symposium on Emerging and Novel Food Processing Technologies

  Anti Air Defence System Test Fired (Click here to See Video)
  International Conference on Psychological Assessment in Personnel Selection to be Inaugurated by Raksha Mantri.
  Handing Over of WARSHIP TECHNOLOGY Products at NSTL ( Click here to See PhotosVideo)
  TEJAS Successfully Launches Close Combat Missile ( > Click here to See Video)
  Trials of AGNI Missile A-1 Successful