Management Services


Some of the innovative tasks taken up & completed in the recent past by this Directorate are as follows:-

  • Courier Dak service has been started between Delhi and Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai
  • Comprehensive "DRDO Transport Policy" has been evolved and introduced for the first time in DRDO. Here again the object was to simplify procedures, enhance delegation to Lab Directors for functional convenience and efficiency
  • A compendium of office orders/instructions has been issued which incorporates various policy Ietters/guidelines/procedures on various subjects DEALt by this Directorate.
  • A transit facility for staff has been created at Delhi
  • A new filing system has been introduced in the HQ
  • Working of all DRDO aided schools has been reviewed and a comprehensive guidelines have been issued which will result in enhancement of satisfaction level with minimum cost.
  • A 'handbook on welfare' has been compiled and issued to all Labs/Estts.