Planning And Coordination

Areas of Work

Roles & Functions

  • To evolve comprehensive guidelines for project formulation, project management and all other related aspects and to ensure their uniform implementation in DRDO.
  • Processing project proposals, beyond DG’s powers, for approval of CFA.
  • To maintain up-to-date information/database/status in respect of all projects undertaken by DRDO.
  • Participation in Project Review Meetings.
  • Compile Monthly & Quarterly Project Progress Reports on major projects.
  • Prepare & publish DRDO Annual Report & coordinate for MoD Annual Report.
  • To act as a nodal point for LTTPP and Five Year Plans for the organization w.r.t. MoD/Services etc.
  • Establish Corporate Review (CR) Policies & convene CRs of labs/Estts.
  • To provide interface between outstation DG clusters of ACE, NS&M & ECS with Corporate Hqrs on matters related to technical inputs/assessment required by O/o Secy Defence D R&D, coordination of meetings etc as reqd by other Hqr directorates.
  • To liaise with all Ministries & Departments of GoI, on behalf of the Deptt of Defence R&D (including providing of inputs and feedback).
  • To evolve & convey organization/departmental response to Draft Policies, Legislations and Guidelines etc issued by other Ministries/Departments of GoI.
  • To develop and update Citizen’s Charter and act as a nodal point of Citizen's centric grievances.
  • Matter related to Allocation of Business (AoB)Rules of DDR&D.
  • DP&C shall also be responsible for providing local administrative support to cluster DG Camp offices together with ADA cell.