Information Technology and Cyber Security

Areas of Work

  • Operation, Maintenance and expansion of DRDO’s Intranet.
  • Operation and maintenance of DRDO’s Intranet’s Unified Communication Services.
  • Design, development, operation and maintenance of Transactional Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Websites, Video Conference etc. on DRDO’s Intranet.
  • Creation and Operation of Central Internet Access Gateway (CIAG) for DRDO to ensure secure and survivable Internet Service.
  • Operation of DRDO Internet Mail Service.
  • Point of contact for National Knowledge Network (NKN) and related services.
  • Coordination and providing IT services including Internet to all the Offices/Directorates of DRDO HQrs or offices located in DRDO Bhawan.
  • Evolving Information Security Policy and its implementation across DRDO through various laboratories / establishments
  • Increasing Information Security Policy awareness and training
  • Ensuring compliance and assurance through audit of networks in Labs/Estts.
  • Collaboration with Academia in the field of Cyber Security.