Honorable President of India is visiting the Missile Complex of DRDO at ASL


      The Hon’ble President of India is visiting the Missile Complex of DRDO at ASL, Hyderabad on 1st Jan’08 between 1030-1200 Hrs. This day happens to be the New Year day as well as the beginning of the Golden Jubilee Year of DRDO. Moreover the Year 2007 has been a year of successes for DRDO. The President has shown keen interest in all our activities and will be addressing the scientists and staff of DRDO on this happy occasion. During the 50 years since its inception in 1958, DRDO has made valuable R&D contributions to strengthen our National Defence by providing state-of-the art technologies. DRDO has not only ensured self-reliance in strategic defence weapons and delivery systems which no country is willing to part with, but also has provided the country with an array of tactical battlefield systems like Light Combat Aircraft (Tejas), Main Battle Tank (Arjun), family of missiles such as Agni, Prithvi, Akash, Nag and BrahMos with capability of delivery of different payloads to varying ranges. The recent successful launch of Agni III and Interceptor missile technologies developed by DRDO has taken our country to an elite club of developed nations having similar capability.

     DRDO’s other success story has been the development of a series of radars, electronic warfare systems, secured communication, sonars, torpedoes and armaments. Most of them have been inducted into the services. Specialized materials relevant to defence applications have also been indigenously developed including composites, Armour for tank, titanium sponge and special steel for naval weapon platforms.

     The life support technologies developed by DRDO have helped to improve the health and operational efficiency of our troops in extremes of environmental and operational conditions. In the current global political scenario, NBC defence assumes great significance. DRDO has achieved a significant level of self-reliance in this area. The spin-off benefits and the societal missions of DRDO have immensely benefited the society at large.

     DRDO has played a significant role in the growth of industries both in PSUs and private sector. DRDO’s has also helped in developing academic strength in the field of defence science through research boards and establishment of DRDO centers of excellence in the universities.

     DRDO is now looking ahead for its Platinum Jubilee with greater confidence. Some of the Technologies of the future, which DRDO proposes to address in the coming decade, include Propulsion Systems, Sensors & Networking, Stealth Materials, Hypersonic Technologies and Robotics.

     An exhibition of major missile technologies and products delivered by DRDO to the User Services , with a focus on contributions by the Hyderabad based DRDO labs, will also be arranged at the Hyderabad Complex.

The visit of the President to the DRDO lab at Hyderabad will indeed be a great motivating factor for the scientists and staff of DRDO.